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Harrill Law understands that every individual and business needs to investigate the cost of legal counsel and understand the fee structure. Because no two clients have identical needs, flexible fee structures are available to meet client’s needs.

Depending on the nature and scope of your legal needs, and in compliance with both the California Rules of Professional Conduct and North Carolina Rules of Professional Conduct, Harrill Law fees are transparent and will either be fixed, traditional hourly, contingency and/or general retainers.

Many factors are considered to determine the appropriate legal fee for your legal matter. For example, the time and labor required, the difficulty and novelty of the legal questions involved, the skill required to perform the legal service, acceptance of a particular employment will preclude other employment by this firm, the fee customarily charged in the locality for similar legal services, the amount involved and results obtained as well as time limitations imposed by the client or circumstances. 

It is important to understand Harrill Law legal fees are for services performed as instructed and requested in writing by the client, and other costs may be associated with resolving your legal matter. For example, state and/or federal filing fees, other government filing fees, government maintenance fees in connection with intellectual property, court costs, travel expenses, long-distance phone calls, expert testimony, business reports, medical reports, appraisals, out-of-pocket expenses, copies and administrative expenses.

All legal fees and other costs will be disclosed and agreed to in advance.

For more information on Harrill Law legal fees or to request a cost estimate, please call the office or schedule a consultation through submitting the online form. Requesting an estimate and/or information in no way obligates you to hire Harrill Law. Your time and interest are greatly appreciated.

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