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Harrill Law is a multijurisdictional law firm integrating traditional values with innovative online law practice technology to better serve high-tech industries and clients. This law firm is committed to helping domestic and international clients by providing personalized legal counsel across a broad spectrum of practice areas, including business, private placements, real estate, intellectual property and estates.


Regardless of the size or complexity of your legal matter, Harrill Law strives to deliver timely, cost-efficient representation tailored to achieve your goals.   


Clients of Harrill Law may choose to receive full-service legal counsel in a traditional law firm structure or limited legal counsel and services through this website over a secure HTTP network, the best industry standard protection available on the Internet. Because the Internet has become one of the most widely used methods of communication, Harrill Law has integrated online law practice technology to better serve high-tech industries and individuals by providing seamless, efficient legal counsel and services over an online secure network. 


Advancements in technology have simplified many aspects of conducting business. Legal counsel should not be any different.


For more information, please call the office, schedule a consultation through submitting the online form, or for  online legal counsel and services pertaining to California or North Carolina civil laws please feel free to register for a private secure Client Account where you will be prompted to read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use for engaging the firm to provide online legal counsel and services.  Registration, requesting more information and/or an estimate in no way obligates you to hire Harrill Law.  Your time and interest are greatly appreciated. 




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